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Osaka University Knowledge Archive (OUKA) is an institutional repository of Osaka University.
Anyone can access full text of articles contained in the archive. Any teacher who belongs to Osaka University can have his/her academic results made open to the public by posting them in this archive.

We are accepting new content.
Articles published in academic journals, doctoral theses/dissertations, university bulletin papers, teaching materials and other academic results are deposited in OUKA. If you are interested in posting your article, please contact us at the address/number shown at the right bottom of this page.

2016-08-01DOIs to be assigned to OUKA content
2017-07-26母語・継承語・バイリンガル教育(MHB)研究 第12号 has been newly posted.
2017-07-26大阪大学言語文化学 Vol.26 has been newly posted.
2017-07-21医療・生命と倫理・社会 VOL.14 has been newly posted.
2017-07-14大阪大学歴史教育研究会 成果報告書シリーズ 12-14 have been newly posted.
2017-07-10太宰治スタディーズ 別冊第3号 has been newly posted.
2017-07-10大阪大学低温センターだより No.166-167 have been newly posted.
2016-03-08阪大生のためのアカデミック・ライティング入門 has been released.

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