What is OUKA?

Osaka University Knowledge Archive (OUKA) is an institutional repository of Osaka University. OUKA electronically archives research papers and other academic results produced by educational and research activities of Osaka University, which are then made available to the public.

Anyone can access full text of articles contained in the archive. Any teacher who belongs to Osaka University can have his/her academic results made open to the public by posting them in this archive. This type of service is called institutional repository. It aims at making academic results produced by universities, etc. accessible to anyone, anytime and for free (“open access”). The content includes a variety of academic work, such as articles published in academic journals, doctoral theses and dissertations, university publications and materials presented at conferences. You can access full text of these articles.


  • Academic journal articles
  • Doctoral theses/dissertations
  • Departmental bulletin papers
  • Research papers
  • Books
  • Conference presentation materials
  • Teaching materials
  • Academic information materials owned by Osaka University
  • Research Data
  • others

Management Policy

Management Policy for Osaka University Institutional Repository[PDF:80KB]

User Guidelines

Copyright of the content of this repository is owned either by the relevant author, publisher, society or institution. The content in this repository can be used within the scope of personal use and quotation specified in the Copyright Law of Japan. If the intended use exceeds the scope of personal use and quotation specified in the Copyright Law, permission must be obtained from the copyright holder.

If the copyright is managed by a management business operator such as Japan Academic Association for Copyright Clearance (JAC) or Japan Publishers Copyright Organization (JCOPY), please confirm with the management operator about the procedures to be taken to use their managed content.

If you have any questions, please contact:


Electronic Content Section, Osaka University Library

06-6850-5071 (extension Toyonaka 5071/5819)
ouka [at] office.osaka-u.ac.jp