Tips for searching doctoral thesis

You can search by keywords, or by graduate school & year. The fields of search are shown below. You can also use advanced search by specifying a field to search.

Fields Description of each field
Title Title of Thesis or Dissertation.
*You can also search the title in katakana.
Creator Name of the person who received the degree.
*You can also search the creator name in katakana.
Degreename Type of degree. (Japanese Only)
Grant ID Number given to each degree granted. The first 5 digits “14401” represent Osaka University.
Use the 5 digits following 14401 to search.
Description Number Degree certificate number.
Specialty Area of specialization of the author who received the degree. (Japanese Only)
Abstract Text registered in OUKA as "Abstract".
*Limited to theses accepted before March 2013.
Subject Keywords registered in OUKA as "Subject".
*Limited to theses accepted before March 2013.
DOI DOI assigned to a thesis.
Fulltext(*) Full-text of a thesis.
*Scope of search is limited to theses of which full-texts are available in OUKA.

(*)Search through full-text (files) will only be valid when selecting this field, or when checking “Include Files in Search” box provided under Simple Search.


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