Assignment of DOIs

Starting August 2016, Digital Object Identifiers (DOIs) will be assigned to the content deposited in the Osaka University Knowledge Archive (OUKA), as explained below:

What is a digital object identifier, or DOI?

A digital object identifier (DOI) is a unique international identifier assigned to electronically available academic content, which provides a persistent link to the content location on the Internet. Providing a DOI prevents dead links and makes academic papers more easily accessible and citable.

Types of content to which a DOI will be assigned

  • Doctoral theses/dissertations for which degrees were awarded on and after April 1, 2013 (those of which the full text is deposited)
  • Papers contained in Osaka University’s departmental bulletins
  • Research data
  • May be assigned to other content depending on your request

Choice of DOI (registration agency)

A DOI to be assigned to content made available via OUKA can be chosen from the following two kinds of DOIs.

  • JaLC DOI:assigned by Japan Link Center(JaLC), the only Japanese organization authorized by the DOI foundation as a registration agency for DOI
  • DataCite DOI:assigned to research data by DataCite, an international DOI registration agency specializing in research data

How a DOI is indicated on the OUKA website

When a DOI is assigned to OUKA content, following information is displayed on relevant pages on the OUKA website. With a DOI string indicated in the citation information or a similar section, a permanent link to the intended content can be provided.

Request for a DOI

If you would like a DOI assigned to your content, please contact us at the following email address. All works for registration will be undertaken by the library staff.

Types of content to which a DOI cannot be assigned

  • Content with no body text, abstract-only content
  • Cover page, table of contents or a similar page of departmental bulletins, etc.
  • Text of the publisher’s version of research papers published in academic journals (DOIs already assigned by the relevant publisher in most cases)
  • Doctoral theses/dissertations completed in the academic year 1991-2000, which were digitized by National Diet Library (DOIs already assigned by the National Diet Library)


  • A DOI cannot be assigned to the content that has not yet been deposited in OUKA.
  • Assignment of a DOI will take about two weeks.
  • Content to which a DOI has been assigned basically cannot be deleted or made private again.

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